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ATU Donegal – 20 NEW CAO Programme

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Donegal is delighted to announce the launch of 20 new CAO programmes at the Letterkenny campus. ATU Donegal is offering 62 honours degree, bachelor degree and higher certificate programmes in the CAO 2023.

The new programmes range across a suite of discipline areas which includes Communications with English, Corporate Law, Renewable Energy, Biomedical Design, Data Science, Hospitality Management, Sports and Exercise, Construction, Cybersecurity, Science and related disciplines, the list is extensive.

Many of the programmes include work placements, with industry connections and collaborations across the suite of degree programme offerings. A significant number of the programmes are the first of their kind in the region and provide an opportunity for students in the region to explore programme areas once only available in university campuses in Dublin and Galway.

CAO Code Programme Title Level Link
AU312 BA(Hons) in Communications with English 8 www.atu.ie/AU312
AU311 BA (Hons) in Corporate Law 8 www.atu.ie/AU311
AU322 BA(Hons) in Hospitality Management 8 www.atu.ie/AU322
AU363 BSc (Hons) in Computing with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 8 www.atu.ie/AU363
AU362 BSc (Hons) in CyberPsychology 8 www.atu.ie/AU362
AU352 BEng (Hons) in Biomedical Design 8 www.atu.ie/AU352
AU353 BEng (Hons) in Engineering (Common Entry) 8 www.atu.ie/AU353
AU372 BSc (Hons) in BioAnalytical Science 8 www.atu.ie/AU372
AU370 BSc (Hons) in Food Science & Nutrition 8 www.atu.ie/AU370
AU373 BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Science 8 www.atu.ie/AU373
AU321 BSc (Hons) in Athletic Therapy & Exercise Rehabilitation 8 www.atu.ie/AU321
AU270 BSc in Science (Common Entry) 7 www.atu.ie/AU270
AU221 BA in Tourism & Hospitality Operations 7 www.atu.ie/AU221
AU222 BSc in Sports & Exercise 7 www.atu.ie/AU222
AU242 BSc in Construction (Arch. Technology or Const. Management) 7 www.atu.ie/AU242
AU243 BEng in Building Engineering (Common Entry) 7 www.atu.ie/AU243
AU262 BSc (Hons) in CyberSecurity and Digital Forensics 7 www.atu.ie/AU262
AU253 BEng in Engineering (Common Entry) 7 www.atu.ie/AU253
AU252 BEng in Electric Vehicle Engineering 7 www.atu.ie/AU252
AU290 BSc in Inclusive Practice for Special Needs Assistance 7 www.atu.ie/AU290

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Our experienced team are here to support students, parents, guardians, teachers and guidance counsellors. They can answer questions on programmes, accommodation, entry requirements, pathways and lots more. The team will also work with schools to arrange visits, talks, career events, subject-specific workshops, TY taster days and much more.


Victoria Wilson

Schools Engagement Officer
Atlantic Technological University (Donegal Campuses)
Email: victoria.wilson@atu.ie
T: 074 91 86104
M: 086 737 4922

Lauren Reynolds

Schools Engagement Officer
Atlantic Technological University (Donegal Campuses)
Email: lauren.reynolds@atu.ie
T: 074 91 86104
M: 086 343 9360